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Helexia helps you in creating your Energy Service center, to accelerate your transition to a renewable and clean energy.

Our teams of passionate experts have a unique package of tailor-made solutions to setup and execute:


Your energy journey with Helexia

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Energy Intelligence


Energy is the highest operational cost of a building, reflecting 32% of total costs.

source : Digital Transformation Monitor, European Commission

Why HELEXIA energy 360º vision is important ?

Improving business energy performance is important, because:

source: CarbonTrust

Did you know that a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses?

Sometimes organizations have difficulties, or don’t have the right tools, to find saving opportunities that will address energy efficiency objectives

Sometimes there is also a lack of visibility of energy as all in your production process, building or equipments

Sometimes it’s difficult to accurately measure and report the results of your action




We deliver turn key projects, so HELEXIA is present in the entire value chain of projects from development to operation and maintenance, and we provide all technical, legal, construction and financing capabilities.

As HELEXIA invests in the energy transition, customers do not lose their ability to invest in their core activity, with the benefit of

All of our relationships are long term and as such based on an unshakable pillar, trust

Our Approach to projects:

A project team dedicated to all stages of the project


We can see a future, that has already started, where communities are more conscious about the environment and companies make a smart use of energy  – saving money and saving the planet resources.

We can see the future, that is starting, where clean and renewable energy is produced locally. Where companies want to use energy in an efficient way to be more productive and at the same time avoid greenhouse gases, caring more and more about the planet.

We see the future, that has to be built where economic growth is fair, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.